What is the design style of the vase?

It can be any design style you wish.

Boho, Modern, Morden Luxury, Minimalist, or Parisian.

Are the flowers in the photo included?

At this time flowers are not included. 

How big is the vase?

This gorgeous vase is at a petite yet fierce size of about 3 x 5in.

How many flowers can it hold?

This is perfect vase for mini dry flower bouquets.

Can this vase hold fresh flowers instead of dry flowers?

Unfortunately this vase does not hold water therefore making it the prefect vase for stunning and everlasting dry flowers that you may have been seeing everywhere.

Where can I put my goddess vase?

There are many different areas in your home where your new vase can live. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

-Your new vase can be placed on a stack of books and paired with a candle or jewelry tray.

-It can be placed at your entryway table.

-Place the goddess vase on your vanity table along with your perfumes to make you feel extra feminine.

- It can be used as a decor statement on your book shelf.