How to Create A Dried Flower Arrangement

How to Create A Dried Flower Arrangement

A stunning dried flower arrangement will captivate anyone.


What Are Dried Florals?

Dried florals are dehydrated flowers used for décor. They are delicate and elegant, rough to the touch, and assembled in warm tones. This is because dehydrating the flowers lessens moisture, creating faded, earthy hues.


Once your flowers are dry, they can go through re-coloration and setting treatments to regain their original vibrant color (if desired). 


It’s best to dry the right kinds of flowers in order to create a long-lasting arrangement—meaning, those that won’t fall apart after dehydration. Roses, hydrangeas, eucalyptus, larkspur, pansies, poppies, amaranth, and sea holly are captivating, effective options.   


Benefits of Dried Flower Arrangements

While fresh flowers feature a lovely aroma, dried flowers come with their own benefits. These include:


  • Less care required: Dried flowers don’t need any water. 


  • Available year-round: While most fresh florals are seasonal, dried flowers are available throughout the year.


  • Longer-lasting: Dried flowers can thrive for years with the proper care.


Dried flower arrangements are popular as centerpieces (especially in the fall), as wedding bouquets, and as general home décor.


How to Dry Your Own Flowers

There are several ways you can dry your own flowers. 


The first method is by air-drying them. Simply hang them upside down in a dry room until they dehydrate a few days later.


Another technique is to use a press or another heavy object (for instance, a book). After laying your flowers flat in the middle of the press or book, close the item and place another heavy object on top for the best results. Aim to leave them for 30 days. This will dry the flowers naturally. 


How to Care for Your Dried Flowers

To preserve your dried flowers, keep your arrangement in a moisture-free room. 


Aim to steer clear of bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces with higher humidity levels. 


Hoping to place your dried florals near a window? This can be lovely in the summer. Just plan to move your arrangement in the winter to prevent wilting due to condensation.


A Vase for Your Dried Florals

Do you have questions about creating your own dried flower arrangements? 


Please contact me with questions or for more information. In the meantime, you can shop for elegant vases here

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